SparcPoint Launch

April 2, 2016 has finally launched.  It is a great day for innovators and those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

So what is SparcPoint?  It is a place for innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs to perform every aspect of design and research without having to leave the confines of the site.  We desire to be a place where you will find engineering tools, research tools, tips, blog posts, open-source hardware specs, and more to start building your next idea.  We want kits to be delivered to your home where you can create great new ideas.  We want you to bring many small systems together to create the next big idea.  We want you to innovate.

That's the point of

During our launch though, we are much more limited.  We have dreams and desires to be something more than what we are right now.  But unfortunately, we have to start somewhere.  So as of now, we are a blog site.  We will integrate tools as they become available.  We will create new tools as we get feedback.  But this all takes time.  So be patient with us.  We have a roadmap and will stick to it!

With all that said, I wish to make you excited about some of the more immediate things coming up:

  1. We are owned by the same group as  They have a few engineering tools that will be integrated into SparcPoint including the QuickSmith Plotter Tool and the MatchingRF Smith Chart Tool.  These are great tools for the RF/Microwave Engineer.
  2. Our first project we will be working on is related to Home Automation.  This project will focus on Natural Language Interfacing to various hardware systems within your home via the Raspberry Pi 3 model B.  We will be walking you through the step by step process on how to build your own and integrate it into your home.  We will also be offering services to help you put a system like this in your home.  As always, it will be open-sourced as much as humanly possible!

These things will hopefully provide some excitement as we start to put together a better future through  It may take time (and money boo) but we will get there and we are hopeful, you will be right there beside us to help us out!

So enjoy the new site and I'm also open to suggestions!

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