About our team.

Experienced innovators
who are always learning.

Why was sparcpoint founded?

SparcPoint was founded as a center of innovation—a way for engineers to come together and create something new. As our vision began to unfold, we saw a need for more thoughtful innovation in the system architecture industry.

In response to each client's needs and our drive to bring true value, we began to focus on innovation surrounding new software architectural principles. We now thrive and excel by creating and integrating awesome software for our clients.

We bring solutions to SBA and enterprise companies from a system design level. We always look forward to sharing our success by making others successful in their own respective fields!

What type of company is SparcPoint?

SparcPoint lives by a very basic, yet distinct set of values. We value honesty, integrity, ethics, and, above all else, kindness.

Many companies say this; we do not want to be just another corporate cliché. However, we operate by the word we live by. We are so serious about these principles, that we reject clients simply based on a lack of integrity or ethical standards.

We prefer partnerships to have an honest and open dialog. We want to help our clients when they do not always have a way to pay, but are in dire straits. We establish real, meaningful relationships with our clients. We want to be like family to you.

What is the long-term vision for projects?

Our goal is to create great software that can quickly be integrated into your system at a fair price that will serve you for five, ten, or twenty years without large any additional costs.

The long-term vision SparcPoint has for its projects is to develop ways for companies to never need to call us for more additions to their systems. Instead, you call us to check in on how we are doing.

We honestly want to make your process so solid that you can fix issues on your own, without having to spend large sums of money to get simple things done. To accomplish that requires new and innovative ideas on software design and architecture.

To us, this could be Software as a Service (SaaS) products that you can simply download yourself or even plugins you can install in your SharePoint site. We want to help you dream up the perfect process and then make it happen with as little effort afterward as possible for you.

Meet Our Owner.

After graduating in electrical engineering from Clemson University, Justin went on to a major Department of Defense company designing and creating military radios.

From there, he went on to work as a corporate software developer. He was quickly moved to a team lead position and, subsequently, into software architecture solutions. During this time, he ran the research and development department while providing vision and leadership to C-Suite executives and clients.

Justin founded SparcPoint, LLC to bridge the gap in the local industry in need of better software creation, starting with solid, seamless architecture. He now leads his own highly skilled team to provide innovative solutions where they are needed most.


Justin Coulston


Engineer and Solution Designer / Architect