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Technology is in its golden age (and so are we).
Our trailblazing software solutions will modernize
your process— raising the stakes.
We master the newest tech so you don't have to.

System Architects

We conceptualize and build well thought out system architecture. Our approach is deliberate and tailored to your company's unique individuality. Our in-house architects specialize in what makes you, you.

Intuitive Design

In business, process is synonymous with ever-changing and growing. Our software is built to last and its extensibility encourages growth. The quicker changes can be integrated, the lower your costs.


We are experienced innovators, streamlining industries.
Our expertise exemplifies that we not only relate to your problems,
but have the proven track record of solving them.
Below are some of the areas we use software to improve organizations.


Inventory is critical and essential for a variety of businesses. Improperly tracking these assets can result in thousands of dollars in unnecessary losses. Proper inventory management refines logistics and translates to greater efficiency and profit gains.


Drive the modern era forward with enterprise mobility apps. Hack into employee productivity, efficiency, and engagement with tailored solutions. Track data feedback, communicate better, increase morale, and develop responsive sales.


The core of any modern enterprise is use of software built for web. Upgrade from old paper processes to a cloud-based automated system. This allows for employees to connect deeper with the process and each other, anywhere in the world. 


Blockchain is the forefront of the technological paradigm. Blockchains are a way to create decentralized, distributed databases with built-in, guaranteed trust. The true depth of what blockchain will accomplish depends on our ingenuity.


Large enterprises with many systems may find configuration extremely difficult. A system to manage these complex systems can save hundreds of hours a month, reduce faculty frustrations, and ensure optimum efficiency and operating standards.


Unless solely software, companies likely work with some form of hardware, such as: printers, bar code scanners, heavy equipment, etc. This technology can be integrated with customized software to automate several manual processes, leveraging mobility.

State-of-the-partner solutions.
built for impact.
built to last.

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We are thought leaders kindly disrupting industries.
See what we are up to as we set standards and develop hi-tech software.

What is important to a career

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my career and where it’s going. I don’t want to give the impression that I have never thought about my career before, but now the thoughts are becoming constant.

May 8, 2018
Databases: Component or Infrastructure?

There is always strong debate around databases and their role in development. Sometimes they are considered components, while others will consider them infrastructure. Is there a right answer? Let's discuss!

March 15, 2018
Software Maintenance: The Never-Ending Feud

There is one, and only one, primary focus that any software developer acknowledge: the ability for software to be maintainable. Of course, correctness, functionality, and performance are all important, these will always be easier to address with maintainable software.

January 25, 2018


Below are common questions and answers that businesses, like yours, ask about us.
Of course, if your inquiries are not covered, please contact us directly.
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What makes Sparcpoint different?

Unlike other software and system integration companies, our first focus is ingenious architecture. All systems have some sort of architecture — its design distinguishes its functionality, longevity, and extensibility.

Our difference is that we are experts in designing custom systems and solutions that streamline organizations and reduce long-term costs. We hone in on system architecture from deep perspectives, continuously researching and testing new architectures.

Another difference is our desire to make you the greatest innovator in your industry. We operate with high ethical and moral standards, meaning business is more than just a paycheck to us. It is a method to impact the world for the better.

Does SparcPoint only deliver software?

While we primarily utilize software for process improvements, we are savvy and familiar with system integration. This includes hardware, IT systems, and software. Our team of specialized engineers ensures we can provide deeper solutions than the typical software company. We deliver full package software and system development and integration.

How does SparcPoint price their services?

Our priority is to be as flexible as possible to suit the individual needs of your organization. Most often, we follow industry standard and choose to price by project. This means that we will provide you a price for the entire completion of a project, rather than go by hourly rate. This allows for you to know exactly how much you are going to pay, regardless of the length of the predefined turnaround time. On larger projects, this will typically be broken down into phases, or components, and priced independently.

Why is System Architecture so important?

First, let’s define it. System architecture is the organization of individual components within a system and directly correlates to extensibility, long-term maintainability, and functionality.

When a system is properly composed, new development costs lower as the project grows older. This may seem intuitive, but most software gets more expensive to develop as this important aspect of structural development is often ignored.

Our solutions bridge this gap in the market. They are meticulously designed to ensure your long-term costs are less than what that of competitors' would eventually add up to.

What is the first step to getting started?

Get in contact with us and we will set up a time to assess and discuss the project. The goal of this discussion is to determine what will be needed to design and integrate the system. This phase typically takes from an hour to several days, depending on complexity and scope. Next, a preliminary set of requirements for the project is put together and agreed on. From there, we head into development.

What happens after project completion?

To us, this is a trick question. We do not believe projects are ever really complete. Together, we may produce a great product, but your success is always our main priority. While we may not do any additional work on the project, we will always remain in touch to make sure everything is still working great. But, more than that, when we produce a great product together, we will be friends… and friends stay in touch!

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